Don’t Melt This Summer!

The world of body corporate can be hard to understand, but as an Investment Owner, there are certain regulations that must be followed if you intend to make improvements to your Lot.  The one we Queenslander’s absolutely LOVE is Air-Conditioning. 

We’ve all experienced Queensland Weather at its hottest.   I know that I personally cannot live without my air-conditioning running when you’re trying to sleep in the 30 + degree heat!  I tell you, sometimes I’d rather live in Antarctica!  But let’s get serious…Here in QLD there are standard procedures for organising a “Lot Improvement”. 

What is a Lot Improvement?

An improvement can include:

  • putting up a new building
  • a structural change


  • a non-structural change, in this case, installing an air-conditioning unit.

But let’s not focus on the body corporate jargon, here’s how we can help to get your Air-con installed! 


Stage One: Fill Out the Application Form

If you wish to install any size air-conditioning to your Unit, firstly you need to apply through the Body Corporate for approval, but here’s how we make that easy for you. 

Click on this link here to start your own Lot Improvement Application Form.  This is the only piece of work you need to do, leave the rest up to us.  Once you complete the form, along with a brief sketch of where the air-con compressor will be fixed too, simply send it through to me at

Stage Two: The Body Corporate Manager/Committee Has 7 Days to Vote

The request will go to the Body Corporate Committee or acting Body Corporate Manager.  Once they receive the proper motion for voting, they will have up to 7 days to return their votes.  If we still don’t have majority vote once the 7 days is over (as you can understand that the Committee Members are volunteers for this role and they too have lives), we aim to contact the majority of the Committee so that a final decision can be made for you.

Stage Three: Conditions and Confirmation of Decision Letter

Once the Committee/Body Corporate Manager acting on behalf of the Committee have made their overall decision, Jensen Body Corporate will contact you with a formal approval letter.  Since the Lot Improvement will only benefit you, there are certain conditions that must be followed at all times with respect to the installation and maintenance of the air-conditioning unit.  We also keep track of each Lot Improvement by registering these for the Body Corporate books and records.

Feel free to contact Emily Sergeant your Body Corporate Manager anytime for further information. 

Or Follow Me #theBodyCorpGuru on insta for some great apartment living facts and ideas!


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Don’t Melt This Summer!