Your Body Corporate is thoroughly looked after with Jensen Property. High level experience, professionalism, attention to detail and efficiency, characterise the Body Corporate team. Common area maintenance, conflict resolution, sinking fund management and maintained compliance are delivered with best practice.

Heading the Body Corporate department, Gavin brings 15 years of experience in real estate, an impressive local knowledge of multi-title body corporates in our area and total dedication towards delivering the very best outcome for his clients. Gavin ensures our Body Corporate services are high quality, organized, communicated in ways our clients can understand and working the best for you.

Commitment to Standards

As a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Jensen Property is operating to the highest ethical standards and practices. All team members attend structured and on-going development programs to ensure their knowledge and skills are always at the peak of the industry.

A system for success

Your valuable investment is safeguarded every step of the way by professional Body Corporate Management personnel using a tried and tested system that is under constant review. Every step has been refined over years of success.


We start as we mean to end – we are thorough, educated, detailed, timely, responsive and helpful. Should any issue arise, our job is to provide the best possible solutions for the best outcome.


We take care of your Body Corporates property maintenance and repairs as if it were our own.

Savings and Reliability

We have a large pool of highly skilled and fully licensed, reliable tradespeople who can get the job done and at the right price.

Trained to Handle Disputes

In those occasional disputes with Owner Occupiers and their Tenants, we act as mediator between you and the other party.


Our fees are based on the number and type of units in the building. Every Body Corporate is different and we can a tailor a Body Corporate management package specifically for your requirements. We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your Body Corporate needs and the range of our services.


frequently asked questions by owners

1. Can I say I don’t want pets at my Property?

Owners may choose to have a pet at the property the current by-laws allow a small cat or dog under 10kg, this applies to rental properties as well. This is negated under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance dogs Act 2009 in regards to pets.

2. Who holds the Administration and Sinking Funds?

These are held in a trust account managed by your Body Corporate Manager.

3.  How often do we receive invoices for Body Corporate fees?

Invoices are issued every quarter from the anniversary of the commencement of the Body Corporate.

4. What about Pest control?

Jensen Property Body Corporate use best practice principals and allow for all units (internally) and common areas to be pest controlled and a visual termite inspection every year.

5. What insurance do we need

Due to the many variations in Scheme and Building types it is essential to gain up to date information from your body corporates insurance company or manager when arranging and maintaining adequate insurance over the Common Property.

6. Why do we need an administration fund and a sinking fund?

Having both an administration fund and a sinking fund are statutory requirements and must both be operated within strict adherence to legislation. The administration fund is required to pay the body corporates expenses which are general, recurring or of a non capital nature. The sinking fund is pre-emptive allocation of funds for projected major expenses of a capital nature affecting the long-term maintenance of common property.

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