At Jensen Property we stand together. Our team of sales agents, exceptional property managers, body corporate management and very talented admin support believe in excellence from the ground up.

Our philosophy is built on strong team ethics, a determination to deliver and maintain a better quality service to our clients. That’s our commitment to you.

There are so many exciting challenges as technology speeds forth and continues to change the face of real estate. We are enjoying these new directions and opportunities while we build on methods and strategies to best serve you.


We know property is an important part of everyone’s lives, where we all live, enjoy our family and friends, and where we invest to build wealth. Therefore we are always looking for better ways to market property for you. Our goal is to make the difference to our customers. Our exceptional team care – we are real people. It is part of our culture to be passionate and dedicated, to ensure that you enjoy your encounter with us and are delighted with the outcome.

So give us a call,  connect and share with us, we look forward to getting to know you.

Karen Jensen  and  Gavin Curtis

Phone: (07) 3426 9888