Since 2004 we have provided outstanding service to our Landlords Investors and Tenants. Our attention to detail lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing that we facilitate the maximum return on your asset. 

Your property will be listed on our Rental Property Guide as soon as a notice to vacate has been received from an existing tenant, or when your property is entrusted to us to locate a suitable tenant.

Professional photographs will be taken and placed in our prominent rental window display and on all major internet portals.

A signboard will be erected at your property, if authorized.

We will access our prospect tenant data base and arrange inspections with tenants who are looking to rent within your property’s price range and location.

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Property Management PageRegular contact will be made throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective tenants about your property.

We will present to you all applications obtained from prospective tenants.

We will conduct thorough checks on tenants applying for your property as permitted by law, to ensure that to the best of our knowledge the information given to us is accurate and that the tenant will fulfill all obligations as per the Tenancy Lease Agreement.

We will conduct a thorough internal and external 3-4 month inspection of your property and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection.

We will attend to all maintenance repairs as quickly as reported as per the Management Agreement.

We will advise or suggest any ongoing maintenance requirements which will keep your property in a condition which will assist it to retain its optimum market value.

Staff Training

We have a long term commitment to excellence and recognize the value of investing in ongoing training for our staff provided by REIQ, Real Estate DynamicsPPM Seminars and other external and in-house accredited training providers. This ensures we stay current with industry information and changes to relevant legislation. With years of experience our Property Managers and letting specialists focus on the initial presentation, tenant selection, the ongoing management and maintenance. They are always available and ready to assist you with any property needs.


Applications on your investment property

Once applications have been received from a prospective tenant they are treated with the highest priority as our application process requires us to have the application completed within 48 hours upon receiving from the applicant. Our thorough 100 point identification check sets out a strict outline for which applying parties are required to follow before we can accept their application.

Download Tenancy Application

Download Pet Application

The application form also requires:

  1. 18+ card (other photo ID) Recent or current Pay advice,
  2. Previous tenancy ledger. Previous four rent receipts.
  3. Current vehicle registration certificate, bank statement, credit card statement, telephone, electricity, gas accounts, pension card, health care card.


Application Process

Once an application has been processed and accepted the applicants are required to pay their fist weeks rent within 24 hours then asked to make their lease sign up appointment within 48 hours from acceptance. The Agency then receipts the first two weeks rent and the rental bond (which is equivalent to four weeks rent). The bond will be held with the Residential Tenancies Authority where it will remain until the tenancy terminates. A “sign up” appointment will be conducted by the Property Manager where all tenancy parties will be thoroughly informed of the renting process designed for your investment property. Each element of the lease will be explained in full to the tenants aimed at eliminating any future problems relating to the tenancy.


As the Landlord the law requires you to have provided a key for every lock fitted at the property. Upon taking management of the property, the Property Manager will check this is the case. If the Landlord fails to provide us with a full set of keys we may need to have a locksmith attend the property to ensure this is established. (Mostly for emergency purposes) During the tenancy, a full set of keys will be held at the office in a locked, secured location. Another full set will be given to each tenant listed on the lease agreement.

Legal Requirements for Legislation

As it stands the legal requirements for an Owner of an investment property in Queensland are as follows:

From the 1st of March 2008, Owners of leases domestic residences must have a safety switch installed for power circuit of a residence after a residential tenancy agreement has been entered into.

From 1st of July 2007, owners of all houses and units in Queensland must install at least one 9 volt battery powered smoke alarm.

As a legal minimum requirement, a smoke alarm must be installed on or near the ceiling on any storey:

  • Between any area containing bedrooms and the rest of the house or unit e.g. hallways; or
  • On a level not containing bedrooms on the most likely evacuation route from the level.

What are the minimum criteria for water charging?

  • Landlords will be able to pass on the full water consumption costs to tenants if:
  • The rental premises are individually metered (or water is delivered by vehicle), and *the rental premises are water efficient, and -the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption.

Download Legislative Requirements

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Our office policy requires tenants to advise us of any maintenance or repair issues via fax, email or by handing in a completed form at our office.

Once we have this in writing, we can contact with you to advise you of this issue and decide what the best course of action may be.

We take great pride in maintaining a good relationship with our reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive tradespeople which are on hand 24/7 to assist us.

Download Maintenance Repair Form

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Rental Payments

If a problem arises after hours and the office is closed, all rental properties are provided with an ‘Emergency Contact Information Guide’ which is often inside their kitchen cupboard. This form will have the mobile phone number of our plumbers, electricians and builders in case of an emergency. Also, the mobile phone number of their Property Manager in case the tenants are unsure of who to call during this time.

The tenant/s of your investment property are given a number of options in which their rental payments can be made:- Cheque, Money order, Internet banking and Rental rewards.

If your tenant falls into arrears during their tenancy, you will be contacted in due course via post. The tenants will then be given an official government form which may result in a tarnished rental record.

If the problem persists, the Property Manager may contact you to discuss the best course of action.

Annual Reports

As a part of our service guarantee, Jensen Property will provide our Landlords with the following reports:

  • Monthly statements via email or post,
  • End of financial year statement,
  • Routine condition reports – quarterly which include photographs, internal and external.
  • Regular rent review,
  • Yearly valuation on the properties.

Download Annual Report


Although we like to think ‘It will never happen to us’ the truth of the matter is it can…

Jensen Property encourage all our Landlords to take out Landlord Protection Insurance.

Landlord Property Protection

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Many companies can offer a cover to suit your rental property’s needs although we can not offer you any information regarding insurance as it is not our field we can offer you a list of companies which we currently deal with.

Lease Renewals

As an office policy Jensen Property require all tenants to be on a current tenancy agreement.

If your current agreement is close to expiring we will have sent you a letter requesting your instructions… This may include an office recommendation of a rental increase or a six or twelve month lease offer. Once you receive this document it is crucial to complete and return as soon as possible.

If you are unsure of your future plans for the property we welcome you to have a chat with the Property Manager to determine an outcome for your tenants.