Our client base has grown dramatically with most of our buyers later appointing us as their vendor’s agent when it comes time to sell.  We aim to give you a great experience and ensure the best outcome for all parties involved in the process.

You can use our systems and tools to help you find what you need. We also provide a list of inspection times for open homes.


For a private inspection or advice on buying, let us take the hard work out of property hunting. We are here to help.

We have also provided some insights, tools and information you may find useful, particularly if you are a first home buyer or overseas investor.

Advices and Buying Process

Contact agents who know the area, someone who has your best interest at heart. Offen they will have some-one in mind that is considering selling, and may be able to introduce you to a property not yet listed or about to come on. With this information, along with properties on the market, you can then be positioned well to make the best decision.

Finding the right property can be a long process, but when you do find it, being ready to purchase immediately can be the difference between securing your dream home or spending another weekend on the open home trail, unless of course you have a home loan pre-approval.

Do Your Homework. 

It pays to do your homework on areas you prefer and that suit your lifestyle. Go to as many open homes and auctions as you can so you have a real feel for price. When you contact us we can put you on our email database to receive a copy of all our new listings and open home times. When you buy a home it is probably the biggest purchase you will make so it pays to make sure your investment is secure. Make sure that when the agent prepares the contract that you make it subject to:

A building inspection
A pest inspection

This will ensure you are made aware of any major defects and pest concerns e.g. termites or white ants. It is best to use the services of a registered builder to do a careful inspection of the property being purchased. The building inspector normally likes you to be present at the inspection. What’s the Best Time to Apply for a Pre-Approval as soon as possible. Finding the right home could take months or just minutes depending on your requirements. Having your finance readily available before you sign a contract or bid at auction ensures that when you do find the property you want, you are ready to act straight away.

Who Should I Contact for my Pre-Approval


Contact your local lending manager direct or simply ask your Jensen Property agent to arrange for a home loan finance consultant to visit your home / office at a time convenient to you.

Buying and Investment Property?

Depreciation: Have you taken depreciation into account whilst doing the figures on your investment property? Are you receiving the full reimbursement on offer for the depreciation of your home? In many cases, renovations can be funded by the immediate “write off” of old items and the depreciation deductions from the new items.

Some facts on depreciation that you may not have been told:

Almost every property will attract some allowances for depreciation. With depreciation; quantity surveyors are able to estimate values of fixtures and fittings. All other expenses, such as interest, must equal the exact amount paid out. Depreciating your investment property can significantly improve your return.

Deductions are claimable on renovations; but in order to get the most out of the work you do, it’s recommended that you get a professional assessment from a quantity surveyor before hand. They can advise and maximize your return.·

You are able to backdate up to 2 years on your tax return for access to unclaimed entitlements For the best results we recommend contacting a qualified quantity supervisor such as B.M.T Tax Depreciation or others.

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